Brian Aden

Pocahontas County | Pocahontas, IA

Custom Features

Monoslope beef barn with indoor manure bay

County: Pocahontas
Building Type: Livestock
Building Use: Beef feedlot for cattle confinement
Building Size: 100' x 368' monoslope beef barn
Building Color: Regal White
  • Bare galvanized roof
  • Building orientation and monoslope design keeps cattle warm in winter and cool in the summer
  • High side opening to the south lets the low-angle winter sun into the building to warm the cows
  • When the sun is higher in the sky in the summer, cows stay in the shade and stay cool
  • Promotes year-round feeding, as comfortable cattle come up to the feed bunk
  • Manure bay to provide flexibility in manure-hauling schedule and maintain manure value
  • Wood purlins eliminate steel-on-steel connections, reducing risk of roof rust
  • Monoslope design provides increased ventilation
  • In the hot summer months, airflow is increased as the southern winds come into the building and are "compressed" as they move out the smaller northside opening
  • In the winter months, the northern winds come in the smaller side of the building, taking the edge off the harsh, cold winds while maintaining airflow to reduce humidity levels inside the barn

Standard FBi Buildings Features

  • Engineered concrete footings
  • #1 SYP laminated columns
  • Pre-engineered MSR wood trusses
  • SPF #2 (or better) framing lumber
  • Pre-drilled purlins
  • Engineered header systems
  • Galvalume steel siding and roofing
  • Kynar 500® paint system
  • Stainless steel cap powder-coated screws
  • FBi Certified construction crews
  • Dedicated FBi service crews