Pole Barns in Mason County, illinois

FBi Buildings is your choice for pole barns in west central Illinois in and around the Mason County towns of Bath, Easton, Forest City, Goofy Ridge, Havana, Kilbourne, Manito, Mason City and Topeka.

Whether you need a machine shed near Goofy Ridge, a commercial building in Topeka, a farm shop close to Havana, a horse barn near Manito or a suburban building in Kilbourne, give us a call for your next post frame building project.

Service Area Mason County

Clayton Walder
Project Sales Consultant

Graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in Construction Management, Clayton realized his passion for the construction industry at an early age. After college, he spent four years as an on-site job coordinator and two years as a realtor. These past positions have given Clayton insight on the building process from breaking ground to completion and experience in matching customer needs with building solutions.

Project responsibility is important to Clayton, and his expertise provides customers confidence in the post frame process. Having grown up on the family farm in central Illinois, Clayton is familiar with the area he serves. Outside of work, Clayton actively participates in local and international service projects through his church.