Pole Barns in DeKalb County, illinois

FBi Buildings is your choice for pole barns in northern Illinois in and around the DeKalb county towns of Sycamore, DeKalb, Genoa, Sandwich, Cortland, Kingston and Hinckley.

Whether you need a machine shed near Genoa, a commercial building in Sycamore, an industrial building by DeKalb, a farm shop close to Genoa, a horse barn near Cortland or a suburban building by Hinckley, give us a call for your next post frame building project.

Service Area DeKalb County

Scott Cain
Senior Project Developer

Scott is another FBi Buildings Veteran. He’s spent more than 20 years of his career with our team in various positions. He experience spans from construction to customer service. In his previous role as Customer Service Manager, Scott learned first hand what the biggest pain points are in each project and how to avoid them. During this time he also gained deep understanding of the post-frame industry and the structural integrity of our buildings.

On our PSC team, Scott’s focus on making sure customers get the right building for their needs has been vital. His ability to identify their use, goals and objectives is key to ensuring a successful project. After years of working with past customers, Scott has developed best practices based off hundreds of interactions. With each project he works on, he has a clear picture of what will be best for his customers and works tirelessly to realize that vision.