Ultimate Guide to Pole Barn Insulation

Determine Which Insulating Material is Right For You

Ultimate Guide to Pole Barn Insulation_FBi BuildingsIf you live in the Midwest, then you’re all too familiar with the frigid temperatures during the winter months. Some people dread this time of the year. Meanwhile, others find beauty in the white snow.

Whatever your preference, we’re bound to agree on one thing. We don’t enjoy paying the increased energy rates when cold weather strikes.

So, what preventative measures do you take to keep your post frame building at a reasonable climate? An energy-efficient building will help you lower heat conduction, maximize comfort, and minimize fuel bills.

This guide will help you have a better understanding of:

  1. Understanding the Building Envelope
    The building envelope (or shell) consists of materials that separate the outside from the inside. It determines the amount of heating, cooling, and lighting resources a post frame structure will utilize.
  2. Determining Which Pole Barn Insulation is Right for You
    In post frame construction, insulation is your primary defense against heat loss through the building envelope. The cost may seem daunting, but insulating your pole barn is an investment on its own.
  3. Other Heating Systems to Consider
    Once you understand the building envelope and its components, we’ll discuss the best ways to heat your pole barn. Some utility companies offer rebates for using high-efficiency systems.

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