Suburban Storage Plans

You’ll surely find inspiration with our Suburban Storage Plans Brochure. Are you wanting to keep your antique tractors, campers, boats, tools and more safe from the rain, snow, sun and hail? Consider a residential building perfect for small or large storage needs.

Find Inspiration with our Suburban Storage Plans.

See what you can do with a pole barn or post frame building – you’d be surprised what your options are.


Our residential buildings are strong, durable and they go up fast. They also offer flexible floor plans to fit your style and needs. The possibilities are endless with a pole barn storage building from FBi, leaders since 1958. So download your free brochure now and discover some great ideas. After-all, the possibilities are endless when you decide to build post frame.


To start with, our building components (steel, paint, screws, wood) are a notch above most in the industry. Your new storage garage will stay looking like new for decades to come. And because each building is carefully engineered to stated standards, you can be confident it will perform as expected. And protect the things you love.


If your building is going on an upscale property, you’ll be pleased to know that we have designers on staff that can help make your building a neighborhood jewel.

suburban storage plans pole barns residential buildings


Our storage buildings can be finished with virtually any material:

  1. Steel
  2. Brick
  3. Stone
  4. EIFS
  5. Even cedar or vinyl siding

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