Structural Integrity Guide

A new pole barn or post frame building is an important investment. You want it to last; it should last, but will it? The answer depends on how it’s engineered and constructed, which is the key to its longevity and strength. Our Structural Integrity Guide will help you determine how to get the best long-term value for your money. Done correctly, your trust in the structural integrity of your building will be as strong as its foundation.

Strengthen Your Knowledge with Our Structural Integrity Guide.

Find out how to get the best long-term value for your money! The longevity of your building hinges on structural integrity.

This FREE guide reveals how to compare strengths of different construction practices. It’s a must read before you build and the most complete guidebook you’ll find that can arm you with the knowledge you need to:

  • Understand load paths so you know how your building can resist forces such as heavy wind loads and large amounts of snow.
  • Know the keys to your building’s true strength.
  • Sharpen your ability to look for possible weak links in the structural design.
  • Learn to look beyond the building codes or builders specifications and develop your own expectations for how your building will perform.


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If you’re considering a new pole barn or post frame building, this is the perfect place to start!

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