Site Preparation: Unlock a Successful Building Project

Doesn’t site prep seem tedious? And it certainly can be. There’s a decent amount of coordination that goes into it. For those of us that are not overly organized, it’s not exactly an exciting part of the building process. Need help? You’re not alone.

Discover how to get your pole barn or post frame building project ‘Done Right, On Time and On Budget‘ with our free Site Preparation eBook.

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What exactly is Site Preparation?

Site prep is the work done on your land prior to construction–finalizing location details, gaining access to the site, drainage, and more. This process allows you to identify site complications up front, and address them before construction begins. It’s designed to set you and your building up to succeed.

Although it is more work for you up front, it has the potential to save you time and money. Problems are much easier (and cheaper) to correct before equipment and schedules are involved. This guide compiles years of building experience, industry standards, and research.

Think of it as your go-to-guide for the most crucial aspects of the site preparation processes, including:

  • Picking the best building site location
  • Establishing the ideal finish floor elevation (FFE)
  • Understanding your excavation costs (and specifications)
  • Maximizing access
  • Preparing the site and crew
  • Compressing project schedules to get the project “Done Right, On Time, and on Budget”

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Are you prepared to build?

This free guidebook is packed with helpful information – including illustrations, graphs, and tips – that will help you get your project started right. Simply fill out the form to the right to request your free copy.

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