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Discover why FBi Buildings has been an innovative pole barn builder since 1958 – serving agriculture, commercial, residential and equine markets – with our FREE Pole Barn Virtual Tour.
From interior finishing options to finishing options (like what colors to choose for your post frame building) this virtual tour has everything that you’re looking for….and more!

Discover Your Options with The Pole Barn Virtual Tour.


You’re probably wondering, “How will this benefit me?” And, to be honest, that’s a great question! We wanted to make sure that we had a post frame building available to our customers that showed them different building options. Why? Because we always get asked, “What does this look like?” or “Can I see it in person?” And our answer now is YES!

Pole barn or post frame building planning and construction doesn’t have to be a challenge – we are here to guide you through every step of the process. See what your next pole barn could look like by taking a virtual tour of an FBi building.

We’ll walk you through every feature and innovation that makes our buildings unique, and we’ll give you access to watch the tour more than once. That’s right! We will email you a link with the virtual tour so you can watch it over and over again.


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