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Get Your FREE Business Facility Guidebook to help guide you through the process of planning your post frame commercial building.

Planning for a new commercial building can be a challenging task. It’s never too early to start gathering information. Even if you are still in the “dreaming” stage, this guidebook will show you how to steer clear of common construction pitfalls and maximize your likelihood for success.



This guidebook is not an exhaustive volume on every point of planning and construction. Instead, it’s a resource that focuses on 7 essential things you need to consider when planning your post frame commercial building:

  1. Developing a clear vision
  2. Financing
  3. Making sure your site is right
  4. Managing your project
  5. Getting involved in the design
  6. Operating costs
  7. Selecting the right construction professionals

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Planning, designing and developing a new commercial building is not an easy task. Yet for those who take time to familiarize themselves with the steps involved, the entire process can be a memorable and very rewarding experience.

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