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Whether you’re thinking about expanding your auto dealership now or in the future, it’s never too late to explore your options. And this auto dealership tour is a great first step to doing just that. Packed with inspiration, you’ll surely find something that you will fall in love with.

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The time to plan is now. How long will interest rates stay historically low? Who knows. That’s why many auto dealers with future expansion plans, including your competition, are exploring their options now.

At your side from start to finish. With our consultative approach, you get a partner. We start by helping you think through site issues and total project budget. We can even provide full project schedules, help facilitating the permit process, as well as manage the civil engineering, site planning, variance applications, MEP drawings and lots more.

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A favorite of auto dealers everywhere. A post-frame building offers you many great benefits.

Get the freedom to design how you want. Ideal for open, adaptable or multi-use floor plans, post-frame gives you complete design freedom. Windows and doors can go virtually anywhere. Choose from numerous exterior finishes, including steel, wood, brick, stucco and vinyl for customer-attracting curb appeal.

Experience savings and efficiencies. Post-frame doesn’t require as many load-bearing walls to achieve structural integrity, meaning less material costs, less time spent framing and building, and less labor. Our buildings go up quickly so your money can get to work quickly, too.

Built to last. We custom design, engineer and construct for true structural integrity. Every component we use works together to create a building of enduring strength and value.

A trusted partner. For nearly 60 years, FBi has been a leader in post-frame construction throughout the Midwest. Auto dealers choose us for our exacting standards, quality, options, collaboration and ability to get the job done right. Find out for yourself with the virtual tour.


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