Professional Services

A post frame building means business.

If you work in the trades and need a flexible building space to help you move man and machine efficiently between jobs, a post frame building is for you. With our open, adaptable and multi-use floor plans, your business will have the space it needs to grow.

With complete design freedom, you can put doors or windows just about anywhere you want and choose from a variety of attractive exterior finishes such as vinyl, steel, wood, brick and stucco. Not only does a post frame building give you a nearly endless choice of flexible layouts, it also gives you a great return on investment.

That’s because they don’t require as many load-bearing walls to achieve structural integrity, which means less material costs, less time spent framing, and less labor. It adds up to a better bottom line for you and your business.

You understand the value a trusted partner brings to every job. We do, too. That’s why we’re there with you every step of the way, from sales to design and construction, including expert guidance in zoning, permitting and financing.

Integrity, collaboration and experience—it’s all part of what separates us from the rest.


Our Process

Everything about our process focuses on gaining a complete understanding of your particular needs so we can develop the best possible solutions.

  • Working closely with you, we start a deep-dive discovery process to understand your situation and look at any site-related issues
  • We develop preliminary layouts, drawings, figures and more, in collaboration with our experienced design and engineering team
  • Your final building solution is determined, and your FBi-trained, FBi-employed crew gets to work
  • Your dedicated Construction Coordinator keeps the schedule moving
  • You enjoy your new post-frame building – along with the peace of mind that comes from our superior warranty and service during your ownership of the building

Building Materials

Each FBi Buildings project uses high-quality materials that lend incredible durability to our buildings:

  • Engineered concrete footings
  • #1 SYP laminated columns
  • Pre-engineered MSR wood trusses
  • SPF #2 or better framing lumber
  • Pre-drilled purlins
  • Engineered header systems
  • Galvalume® steel siding and roofing
  • Kynar 500® Paint System
  • Stainless steel cap powder-coated screws
  • Complete gutter & downspout system

Building Features

Our professional services buildings can include many special features that address your needs and add to the attractiveness of the building. Some popular features include:

  • Inside liner options
  • Large overhead doors
  • Overhangs
  • Multiple bays to service vehicles and equipment

Request Information

Just let us know a little about yourself and your needs, and we’ll be in touch.