Pine Crest Marine

Kosciusko County | Syracuse, IN

Custom Features

Post frame boat dealer with gable extended entry porch and color matched wainscot and trim

County: Kosciusko
Building Type: Professional Services
Building Use: Post frame boat dealer
Building Size: 80' x 104' x 16' & 48' x 16' x 10'
Building Color: Regal White
Roof Color: Roman Blue
Designer Wall Color: Ash Gray
  • Gable extended entry porch with Dutch hip roof
  • Deep fascia overhangs for aesthetics
  • Color matched wainscot and trim
  • Pavement parking area for year-round access
  • Gutters and downspouts for water redirection

Standard FBi Buildings Features

  • Engineered concrete footings
  • #1 SYP laminated columns
  • Pre-engineered MSR wood trusses
  • SPF #2 (or better) framing lumber
  • Pre-drilled purlins
  • Engineered header systems
  • Galvalume steel siding and roofing
  • Kynar 500® paint system
  • Stainless steel cap powder-coated screws
  • FBi Certified construction crews
  • Dedicated FBi service crews