Project Sales Consultants

Mike Sheetz

Senior Regional Sales Manager

Mike has dedicated over 25 years of his life to stewarding the legacies of our customers. He joined the FBi Buildings team in 1991 as a Project Sales Consultant (PSC). During that time, he advocated for the needs of our commercial customers, ensuring the end product was just right for the operation. His ability to understand the needs of each client is key to success, not only for FBi Buildings and our team but most importantly, the customer.

After 15 years of working directly with customers as a PSC, Mike was elevated to a Senior Regional Manager role where he can use his experience to help coach our consultant team. The team continues to leverage his depth of knowledge to add value to our customers. Mike’s understanding of commercial code and permitting review helps save our customers time and money on their projects. During his career, Mike has been a champion for each one of our customers, going beyond buildings to build legacies.


Greg Lehman

Regional Sales Manager

Greg joined the FBi family in 1983 and has been a student of leadership in developing and maintaining high-performing post frame crews. For 38 years, Greg has filled roles in the Operations/Construction areas of FBi in Material Take Off, Purchasing, Dispatching, Project Management, and Director of Construction.

He has also spent four years working with our Summit Engineering and Construction division to build a self-perform construction team to meet the rapidly growing division’s needs effectively. In 2021, Greg transitioned to Sales Management for FBi. He considers it a great accomplishment when he helps others excel and advance in their career.

Greg and his wife have six children and four grandchildren. He is highly active in his church where he serves as a Lay Minister in his local congregation. When not working, he enjoys spending time with family, hiking, horseback riding, and boating.

Mark Watts

Preconstruction Manager

Mark has spent more than 20 years in the construction industry. Through his passion and dedication as a PSC, Mark helped get hundreds of buildings off the ground for our customers. With his past experience in excavation, Mark has been a huge asset to our customers in the area of site preparation and subcontractor selection. Armed with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Construction Management from Purdue University, Mark brings a focus on project management that drives projects to get done on time, and on budget.

As a Preconstruction Manager, Mark works with our consultants to help each of our customers save time and money through proper site preparation. Our team continues to leverage his excavation expertise and leadership ability to do right, on time, with excellence for each one of our customers.


Duke Gagnon

Sr. Project Sales Consultant | Northern Indiana/Northeastern Illinois

Duke brings a well-rounded experience to the FBi Buildings team. After spending 4 years on one of our in-house crews, learning the ins and outs of post-frame construction, Duke moved into a role with our expert design team. He continued to put the needs of the customer first and was elevated to a Design Manager role. With Duke’s passion for putting the customer first, it seemed natural to move him into a Project Sales Consultant role where he could leverage his first-hand experience of the building and design process on behalf of our customers.

Fast forward over 20 years and Duke continues to put the needs of our customers first as a Senior Project Sales Consultant. In this role, he ensures our team’s priority stays where it should be: on the customer. With his hands-on experience in our building process, Duke brings a focus on structural integrity. He works with our Project Sales Consultants to ensure each new building stands the test of time. Duke also earned his Associate of Science Degree in Business Management from Vincennes University.


Dave Nelson

Project Sales Consultant | Eastern Illinois

Another one of our “home-grown” experts, Dave started his career with FBi Buildings as a Crew Carpenter. After eight years of setting posts, hanging trusses and installing side steel, Dave was promoted to a Crew Foreman position. In this role, he brought the focus on quality that FBi Buildings is known for. He used his experience as a carpenter to lead his crew to successfully complete building after building for our customers while upholding our dedication to quality.

After 15 years in the field, Dave transitioned into a role as a Project Sales Consultant. His past experience is extremely helpful in this role as he helps customers plan and design their perfect post-frame building. Dave can help bring clarity to each step of the building process and ensure your post-frame building is designed to withstand the test of time.

Jim Terry

Project Sales Consultant | Central/Northeastern Indiana

James has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, with over 20 of those years being employed at FBi. He is on the Construction Advisory Council at Purdue University and is affiliated with the NFBA. James also coaches multiple youth sports programs. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys hunting and fishing with his three sons.

His expertise is in crew development, but FBi has utilized his experience for safety, design, sales and project management. James is a U.S. Army Veteran. James and his family currently reside in Winamac, Indiana.

Josh DePew

Project Sales Consultant | Western Indiana

Graduating from Manchester University, Josh double-majored earning his Bachelor of Science Degrees in Management and Marketing. His past managerial and consulting roles helped Josh realize his passion for connecting with people and learning more about their unique backgrounds and experiences. When Josh first joined FBi Building’s team in 2017, he worked as the Inside Sales Manager to better understand customer needs throughout the entire building process.

Today, he enjoys assisting customers to ensure building specifications match their needs and budgets. Josh is known for his outgoing personality and personable demeanor. Outside of work, Josh attends Lafayette’s First Church of the Nazarene and enjoys spending time with his wife, Madison, and their two children.

Kurt Weisenfluh

Project Sales Consultant | Northwestern Indiana

After 20 years in project management, Kurt brings predictability to the projects he works on. His experience in project management allows him to help control and balance the “triple constraints”, scope, budget, and timeline, to ensure quality. This is especially helpful for the more complex commercial projects Kurt often works on in Northwestern Indiana. Kurt has also obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Construction Management from Purdue University and a Master’s of Business Administration from Frostburg State University.

Through his career, Kurt has mastered the permitting process after working with many customers to get their projects off the ground. He’s also one of our experts on energy efficiency, helping our customers optimize the energy costs through building design.

Mark Heaver

Project Sales Consultant | Central Indiana

A construction veteran, Mark began his career in the industry in 1985. Much of that time was spent building large, custom homes in the Indianapolis area. Mark ran his own construction company during that time before coming to FBi Buildings in 1998 as a Field Construction Manager. His previous experience is a great asset for customers with large, complex building projects.

At FBi Buildings, we believe in promoting and hiring from within. Mark had proved how much he cared for our customers in his first role at FBi Buildings and he continues to prove his dedication as a Project Sales Consultant. His wealth of construction expertise gives customers confidence in his ability to get them the answers they need before, during and after their project. To Mark, construction isn’t just another job, it’s been a huge part of his life. He sees each customer as his own and treats them how he would want to be treated.

Scott Cain

Project Sales Consultant | Central Indiana

Scott is another FBi Buildings Veteran. He’s spent more than 20 years of his career with our team in various positions. His experience spans from construction to customer service. In his previous role as Customer Service Manager, Scott learned first hand what the biggest pain points are in each project and how to avoid them. During this time he also gained a deep understanding of the post-frame industry and the structural integrity of our buildings.

On our PSC team, Scott’s focus on making sure customers get the right building for their needs has been vital. His ability to identify their use, goals, and objectives is key to ensuring a successful project. After years of working with past customers, Scott has developed best practices based on hundreds of interactions. With each project he works on, he has a clear picture of what will be best for his customers and works tirelessly to realize that vision.

Mike Schluttenhofer

Project Sales Consultant | Southern Indiana

Mike started with FBi Buildings over 10 years ago. In his first role with the company, he was a Project Manager, in charge of every aspect of FBi Buildings’ scope of each project. In this role, attention to detail is key. Mike’s ability to account for each screw in a project was vital to completing many buildings. His understanding of each phase of our construction process helps our customers save time and money.

In his role as Project Sales Consultant, Mike still leverages his knowledge of project management to maximize the project schedule for each of his customers. He can help walk you through the exact timeline from breaking ground to the last screw. Mike can give you the answers you need to get started today.

Karl Rebeck

Project Sales Consultant | Northern Indiana & Ohio

After earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Purdue University, Karl sold diving gear, chartered diving trips and worked in property management. His career at FBi Buildings started as a Crewman and lead him to a position in Inside Sales. Today, as a Project Sales Consultant, Karl uses his background in the field to accurately respond to customer concerns and set up building projects for success.

Keeping a positive outlook on life is important to Karl, and he uses his high energy, unbound optimism, and natural curiosity to fuel his attentiveness to customers. Karl actively volunteers as a Camp Counselor at Camp Healing Tree. When time allows, he spends time kayaking, hiking, canning, gardening, and reading.

Austin Baker

Project Sales Consultant | Southern Indiana

Austin earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Purdue University. Before coming to FBi, Austin was employed with Purple Power Boar Stud, LLC.

Austin grew up in an agricultural-based community on a family farm. He’s heavily involved in the show livestock industry and enjoys working with livestock and being in the outdoors.

Hard work and responsibility are important to Austin, and you’ll notice that when you’re working with him.

Jeremy Wubben

Project Sales Consultant | Southern Illinois

A Delavan, IL native, Jeremy is one of FBi’s construction veterans. He started with the company in 2012 as a Crewman and eventually worked his way up to Superintendent.

Not only is he a veteran at FBi, but Jeremy also enlisted in the military in 2008 and has been deployed overseas three different times. An avid outdoorsman, hunting and fishing are some of his favorite things to do.

Resiliency is his backbone, and Jeremy believes the only thing that can bring you down is yourself. Jeremy has a thirst for passion and won’t settle until his customers get exactly what they’re looking for.



Anthony Pearson

Project Sales Consultant | Michigan

A Sparta, MI native, Anthony joins the FBi team with over 20 years of experience in retail and commercial sales. He also has seven years of experience in the construction industry.

Once you speak to Anthony, you’ll soon realize that he has a very kind and approachable way about himself. He likes to make people happy and will go out of his way to help somebody when they are in need.

Anthony and his wife have two children. They spend a lot of their time outdoors, whether it’s landscaping improvements, fishing, golfing, or snowmobiling in the Upper Peninsula.

Nick Smith

Project Sales Consultant | Central/Western Illinois

Nick joins the FBi team with over five years of experience in the construction industry.

After your first conversation with Nick, you’ll soon realize that his greatest strengths are listening, strategy, and teamwork. He always puts forth his best effort to ensure FBi’s customers get the exact building they’re looking for.

When Nick isn’t selling buildings, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.

Tim Busse

Project Sales Consultant | Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin

Tim joins the FBi team with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science from Murray State University. He was previously an Equine Field Representative before becoming a Project Sales Consultant.

Born and raised in Southern Illinois, Tim grew up on a grain and hog farm. His upbringing has helped him have a strong background in production, agriculture, and horses. After your first conversation with Tim, you’ll soon realize that he has the ability to dig deep and understand his customers’ needs.

In his free time, you’ll find Tim riding and showing reining horses or skiing in the winter months.

Brian Lamley

Project Sales Consultant | Northeastern IN and Western OH

When working with Brian, you’ll soon learn that his greatest strength is listening and understanding the needs of others. He enjoys helping people and making a difference in their lives.

Brian joins the FBi team with over 26 years of sales experience. He believes it is critical to be a strong, positive liaison to the customer for the company. He strives to be organized and believes you should never leave a stone unturned. His key for continued growth is consistent follow-up. Prior to coming to FBi, Brian has been an Inventory Manager, Commercial Account Manager, and a General Sales Manager.

Brian and his wife have five sons and their first granddaughter. When he’s not selling buildings, he enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, boating, snow skiing, and fly fishing.

Rick Schluttenhofer

Repair & Renovation Specialist | Indiana & Illinois

Rick grew up in Goodland, Indiana, where his father was a farmer. His career began with FBi Buildings in 1987. He was hired as a crewman and worked his way up to his current position as Repair & Renovation Specialist.

He currently lives in Fowler, Indiana, with his wife, Karen, and their two daughters. He is very active in his community, coaching basketball and serving on the Out of the Darkness Community Walk Board.

Korrie Lange

Repair & Renovation Specialist | Illinois & Iowa

Korrie spent 5 years as a Finish Operator at UARCO before joining the FBi team in 1995. When he was first hired, he started as a leadman and worked his way to become a Repair & Renovation Specialist.

His knowledge of post frame buildings helps his customers make the right decision on their projects. It’s not uncommon for Korrie to go above and beyond to ensure his customers get the best solution to make their investment last a lifetime.

When Korrie isn’t selling, he enjoys spending time with his family (especially his grandson). You could also find him doing one of his favorite things…cooking!


Adam Connell

Repair & Renovation Specialist | Indiana & Michigan

Adam joined the FBi team in 2014 as a crewman. He eventually worked his way up and held positions as a crew foreman and project manager before taking on this position. Prior to coming to FBi, he worked as a laborer and on a wean-to-finish hog farm.

Adam’s experience of having multiple jobs throughout the company gives him the knowledge to help customers understand who we are and how we can help them. His expertise will give his customers the peace of mind that they are working with someone that knows how the post frame industry works.

In his free time, you’ll find Adam spending time with his wife and two kids. He also enjoys the outdoors and anything related to hunting.