Swine Systems Production Specialist

Develop and execute the initiatives of Summit Precision Production.  This would include production troubleshooting on sow and wean to finish production sites engaged in the SPP initiatives.  The position would also work close with developing technologies in human resource and precision livestock farming.  The implementation and development of Humatec/SUMMIX people development, Cloverleaf employee assessment, SUMMITEC central managed wean to finish and management of the Premier BioSource Farm.  The position will also be challenged to research and develop new and emerging technologies conceived through the ongoing efforts of SPP.




  1. Building better lives in protien production through a passionate culture of innovation and opportunity
  2. Develop and fine tune the Humatec human management systems for swine production
  3. Possess the ability to manage and lead a team for up to a 10K sow breed to wean farm.
  4. Coordinate and support the SUMMIX initiatives in client farms for SPP. Identify opportunities to lead people and develop people to realize their potential.
  5. Understand employee engagement metrics
  6. Understand employee metrics and turnover calculations
  7. Develop initiatives within SPP that will cross over to all the protien sectors from a people management perspective.
  8. Immerse within client farms of SPP to find opportunities for production improvement. This enhances the SPP revenue through our gainshare program.
  9. Understand swine health dynamics.
  10. Familiar and fluent on technology, computers, systems, RFID, or the openness to explore solutions.
  11. Crazy out of box thinking.
  12. Attend major industry conferences and technical meeting to troll for ideas and the latest technologies.
  13. Attend weekly and monthly strategy meetings for SPP ideation and implementation.
  14. Develop value proposition templates for production and economic changes on client farms for improved profitability.
  15. Develop relationships with farm owners and slat level employees to drive SPP initiatives through the system.
  16. Public speaking on Precision Livestock Farming topics.
  17. Ability to travel the lower 48 and Canada.



A semi active position requiring manual dexterity to operate machines and handle documents; visual acuity to type and read.  Physical ability to bend, climb and lift up to 50 pounds occasionally when assisting in production units.



This position reports directly to Director of Swine Systems

To Apply For This Position:

Send resume to:

Human Resources Department
Attn: Doug Brunton
FBi Buildings, Inc.
3823 W. 1800 S.
Remington, IN 47977

Or email resume to: dbrunton@fbibuildings.com

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