Summit Foreman


The foreman is responsible for providing support to the Project Superintendent and providing field leadership direction focused on Safety, Quality, Schedule & Productivity performance. Work hand in hand with job site Superintendent to determine; sequencing, supervision of means and methods, monitoring of productivity in the completion of projects. Understand, adhere to and represent Summit process standards and core values on a daily basis.


  1. Safety Leadership:
  2. Demonstrate and practice “safety as a value.”
  3. Safety planning, set expectations, and direct performance through job site observations.
  4. Correct and direct the personnel in safe work practices and processes.
  5. Lead by example through the “stop work” process and zero-tolerance expectations.
  6. Conduct job site safety inspections and audits.
  7. A supervisory position is ultimately responsible for all actions occurring on the job site and ensuring safe working conditions for all.


  1. Demonstrate and practice “quality as a value.”
  2. Lead the quality expectations on the project to eliminate rework.
  3. Rework adds safety risk and impacts profitability.
  4. Quality planning and performance field leadership through job site observations and corrective actions to eliminate rework.
  5. Follow the Site Observation Reporting process to ensure no surprises in the completion of subcontractor corrective actions.


  1. Drive overall schedule performance to improve or at a minimum meet the milestone finish dates.
  2. Support Superintendent in the development, monitoring, and updating of the 3-week lookahead schedule (3WLA).
  3. Monitor labor productivity performance; identify and correct issues that create obstacles to the performance.


  1. Understand what collaboration is and collaborate with the project stakeholders consisting of the Superintendent, Subcontractors, Project Managers, and Material Suppliers.
  2. Collaborate and identify opportunities to drive safety, quality, productivity, and overall project performance.
  3. Attend Subcontractor meetings to support timely problem solving and actions to eliminate project risk.
  1. Engage, contribute and support the transfer of all key field learnings (Lessons Learned) from preceding projects, current projects to future projects.
  2. Collaborate with project stakeholders to document and develop the material, equipment, and labor plan that is transferable for future projects.


  1. Drive safety standards to prevent incidents and injuries. Timely and accurate reporting is required.
  2. Responsible for quality inspections and documentation.
  3. Coordinate job site work with sub-contractors ensuring deadlines are met.
  4. Be a problem solver.
  5. Support the Superintendent during Weekly Subcontractor Meetings.
  6. Communicate and document daily tasks and issues to Superintendent.
  7. Ensure site cleanliness and proper material organization at all times.
  8. Strengthen existing relationships and build new relationships.
  9. Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor as needed.
  10. Ability to multitask.
  11. Excellent time management skills.
  12. Complete daily job log, accurately detailing items such as work completed, working conditions, any issues, etc and issue a report to site Superintendent.


  1. Experience in construction, carpenter, own tools a plus.
  2. Willingness to travel.
  3. Ability to communicate with customers and the public.
  4. Be responsible, conscientious, dependable and accurate with details.
  5. Have the minimum of a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  6. Must have a valid Driver’s License and have the ability to maintain DOT specifications.


Must be able to lift, carry, handle, push, move or pull up to 75 pounds several times a day. Considerable physical effort of legs, hands, and arms required.


Weather: Ability to work outside in various weather conditions.

Flexible Schedule: May be asked to start work early or work late or weekends as the schedule demands.


This position reports directly to the Director of Field Operations and is scheduled by the Director of Field Operations. The Summit Foreman will also report to the site-specific Superintendent for daily responsibilities.

To Apply For This Position:

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Human Resources Department
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FBi Buildings, Inc.
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