Hear from our Customers

“I think your legacy has got to go beyond your farm. Your legacy goes to what kind of a person you are. What values you have.”

Bob Beckley





“Legacy itself is different things to different people. To me, it’s not wanting to be served, but to serve”

Phil Bane





“It’s an impressive building, especially from where we came from.”

John Bell






“It’s being in touch with God’s creation; it’s farming the land that there will never be any more of. Those are the things that are irreplaceable.”

Dick Clark




“We’re 5 generations in and we hope it continues. Somewhere along the way, a member of the family wants to continue your legacy, that’s the idea.”

Gary Standiford




“The timeliness from my 1st call to construction was efficient. That was really important to me.”

Randy Lutjens | Farm Shop

“FBi Buildings was competitively priced and the timeline met my expectations. The color combinations and overall design worked really well for me and the dimensions of this building allow me to do what I want in the future; the large size really gives me endless options! Overall, I had a great experience and would buy again!”




“It has been a lifelong dream to have a nice shop.”

Bob Suiter | Farm Shop

“I chose FBi Buildings because my number one consideration is quality. We really like our energy efficient liner, it finishes off the interior and the white color enables us to get adequate lighting. We’ve built FBi buildings in the past and we’ve always been pleased.”





“This building has raised the bar; it’s allowed us to create the car dealership we’ve always envisioned. We can’t say enough about it, or FBi.”

John Bell | Car Dealership

“We looked at pre-fab steel and post-frame and post-frame met our needs every time. The roof provides a flat surface ceiling, which gave us the option to use surface lighting mounts that give a more finished look and feel. The combination of roof line and drop ceilings meant more insulation and greater energy efficiencies. What really sold us was the wide-open square footage that was completely customizable. That was a game-changer for our showroom, and it gave the entire dealership a more current and professional look.”



“They had a great reputation for post-frame construction”

Phil Bane | Equipment Dealership

“They know their stuff, but they’re also incredibly collaborative. They listen. Today, we have a building that gives us all the room we need, and will last for decades. It’s everything we need.”





“Everything was a good experience.”

Judy Gallo | Horse Barn

“Everything was a good experience. Smooth and Seamless. Thanks for being so professional.”







“We wanted this Harley-Davidson dealership to be a modern and exciting store, but at the same time allow us to maintain our tradition of providing personalized customer service.”

Mark Forszt | Motorcycle Dealership

“At Hunter’s Moon, we want to give our customers the best of all worlds; the technology to maintain your bike in top condition, the modern conveniences to make your buying and shopping experiences a pleasure, and the traditional and personal service you deserve. Our building goes a long way to help achieve that. We don’t just provide Harleys, we provide the Harley experience. The building needed to be able to accommodate activities and our guests. And it does.”



“We needed a building that offered incredible versatility and durability.”

Carl Neiland | Municipal

“We needed a building that offered incredible versatility and durability. This firehouse needs to house offices, living quarters and our vehicles. FBi had the design engineers to make it happen. We have a structure that works with and for us, and will do so for years to come.”



“We have a good long-term relationship with FBi.”

Tim Styka | Retail

“We have a good long-term relationship with FBi. Communication is key. If I have a problem, I’m able to get it resolved without any issues. If i see something, it will get rectified.”