Project Planning

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? A surprise birthday party, surprise tickets to a game, you name it. But do you want to know a surprise that nobody wants? Finding out that there has been an accident on their job site–because that means more time, and more money. 

We have learned over the years that when we don’t look out for each other from the start of a project to the end, we let down our guard, and become complacent. Proper project planning before and during your project will have a huge impact on safety, and safety has a huge impact on your project. When someone gets hurt, projects don’t get done on time.

There are 3 key roles we’ve built at FBi Buildings that focus on finishing your job, on time, without incident. 

  1. Our Project Managers (PM) are highly skilled knowledge workers who have received rigorous training in the process of achieving project excellence. The PM does not have any specific tasks on the project. Their one job is to look at all of the pieces in play and see that they work seamlessly together.
  2. The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) team evaluates potential risks to employees and property owners by serving as the subject matter expert on a broad array of health, safety, and environment related topics. The EHS team reviews plans to ensure facilities are designed and constructed to meet established safety and environmental regulations and best practices.
  3. On a daily basis, our crews dedicate time to review the hazards that they might encounter while working that day. An example of a hazard crews look for is power lines that could come into contact with equipment. They also go over the proper personal protection items for specific tasks (gloves, hardhat, safety glasses). Our crews care about their fellow workers, and they care about their efficiency and quality of work.

Successful project planning starts and ends with every person involved on any particular project. Why does it matter? It’s simple. Safety has to be our highest value as an organization. It’s how we can best serve you. We won’t cut corners on your project, because we want our people to go home safe at night. We care about them, and we care about you. 

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