Building Trends: Protecting Columns From Rot


Rot is a fungus that flourishes with moisture, oxygen and darkness. Most of the microbial action takes place within 6” of the surface, and when it does, it can damage your building’s structural integrity—and your savings.


A brief history of our battle against wood rot.

Back in the 1970s, wood columns were soaked in Creosote. The chemical made it impervious to rot but also dangerous to the environment and water table. The industry then transitioned to 6 “x 6” columns of treated wood, but it didn’t soak through the entire column, creating rot issues.


FBi Buildings has two solutions to protect columns from rot.

1. Recognizing the issues with one 6” x 6” solid column, we use three 2” x 6” pieces of wood, laminated together to form a solid, impermeable column. For complete protection, we treat each piece of wood individually and to the highest standard. (The industry standard is .60%; we use .80%.)

We believe in this approach so strongly that our wood columns come with a lifetime warranty.

2. Perma-Column™ eliminates the wood rot issue altogether by using a permanent concrete column system in the ground, and treated laminated wood columns above grade. We’ve used this revolutionary system for 15 years and can attest to its extraordinary strength and durability. Perma-Column benefits are:

  • Made from 10,000 psi precast concrete with steel reinforcing
  • Includes integrated steel brackets for connecting to above-grade, laminated wood columns
  • Built-in steel uplift anchors
  • Exceeds industry standards for long-term structural integrity

In addition to adding value to your building, concrete posts are environmentally friendly.


One word of caution—not all concrete column systems are the same, nor do they deliver the same structural integrity. Getting columns that are smaller and unproven may not give you the results you want.


If you have any questions about how to protect your columns, structural integrity, and life of your building, give us a call at 1 (800) 552-2981.


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